Sam is a 29 year old Self Employed Business Owner of SuperHuman Fitness currently based from MPFit Gym (Leeds), this is a new venture for Sam offering Personal Training, Nutritional Consultations/plans, Fake Bake Spray Tan and make up consultant as well as heading back to college to gain her Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage. Previously Sam was a Medical Sales Representative but once taking her training to a new level to hit the stage and compete - her outlook and passion found a new level which her job couldn’t fulfill. With her venture still being fresh, Sam currently spends all the open hours at the gym/office to build her business and has put another competition off now until 2016, but has a couple lined up on her to do list.

The passion and commitment required for a healthy lifestyle and hitting goals is what lead Sam to want to compete. Taking training and food preparation to the next level saw tremendous results with her coach, first hitting the stage in April 2015 at Miami Pro, with a great result of 1st Place and Pro card in Womens’ Figure. Three weeks later was Miss Galaxy Universe, a great platform and entry for girls looking to compete, especially for the first time, Sam was again successful and got another 1st Place in the Fitness Model Category. You may have also seen her sporting the fabulous winning Wonder Woman bikini at BodyExpo 2015, where she wished she had also entered the UKBFF show ( year definitely she says!)

Sam’s next goal is to build herself a successful fitness business as well as go on to enter  the UKBFF federation, kicking off her competing season in April 2016.


From a business perspective Sam eats, breathes, sleeps fitness, health and well being- her aim is to transform the lives of others helping them begin or progress their fitness and health goals and ventures. Working with VIP Natural Nutrition will allow her to help her clients from a Nutritional stand point, offering only quality supplementation to them which she endorses and uses fully herself, knowing the necessity and key requirement of clean products with her knowledge gained from her Nutritional diploma (GB Fitness). Her ultimate aim on a competitive level is to gain her IFBB pro status for the Body Fitness category and hopefully see a bit more of the world along with this, competing really drives the passion and need for results, always getting better each season, recognising the need of a quality off-season, to bring those serious results onto the 2016 stage!


  • April 2015 - Miami Pro (St Albans) 1st Place Women’s Figure - Pro Card Awarded.
  • May 2015 - Miss Galaxy Universe (Gatwick) 1st Place Fitness Model.

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Twitter: @samhorneuk86