Claudia Rivarelli is a bikini model, pin-up model, crossfiter, kickboxer, actress, translator, writer, fashion designer & publicist. Being in the public eye gives her a taste for comfort and confidence. She chose her collection to turn on sensuality while driving confidence. 

Claudia Rivarelli is a popular South American bikini fit and pin up model, born and currently living in Uruguay/Brasil. She became involved in athletics at the age of 6 when she began skating to help rehabilitate her legs and this developed into a lifetime love of fitness and athletics. Claudia began working as a fashion designer at the age of 16 and has also continued in this endeavor to the present day. She began work as a runway fashion model at the age of 18 and pursued this for a number of years. Claudia transitioned to fitness modeling as it gave her greater opportunity to combine her love of sports and athletics with her modeling career. Claudia does numerous photo shoots in Brazil and is also making substantial inroads into the American and Canadian modeling scenes, in large part due to her large online following and popularity.

Claudia's primary athletic interests are kickboxing, martial arts, and Crossfit training. She has also provided some personal fitness training to clients on her own. She has many other areas of interests, however, in addition to modeling and sports. Claudia studied 3 years university-level Communication Sciences and is very much interested in linguistics and learning new languages, she currently speaks five languages : Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, and some French. In addition to this area of study, Claudia also completed 2 years of  publicity and marketing . Claudia is also studyng acting too.interested in various fine arts, particularly golden hollywood cinema.Followed by E! on line channel and Deadline Hollywood . 

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