Driving Home for Christmas

I always look forward to this time of year! Christmas is the only holiday where my husband and I turn into big kids. This year we decided to visit my parents in Aspen, Colorado, but we decided to do something a little different. Instead of going through the hustle, bustle and drama of the airport we decided to take a road trip. While we were packing our bags, I was going through my closet picking out my winter clothes, although I barely have any because we live in LA. I thought to myself, this trip just might be the perfect time to spark up a little "Yuletide by the fireside" with my husband. I immediately thought about how huge my parents' fireplace was and I began to imagine us making love passionately while my parents were sleep. I snapped out of it and rushed to my secret closet where all my naughty nighties were. I grabbed my g-strings, booty shorts, fishnet stockings, bustiers, and of course my little elf hat. I grabbed almost everything except my pole (no need to talk about that lol).

We loaded up the car, checked the traffic on the GPS, and we were on our merry little way. We had the Christmas music on the radio, he was singing, I was singing, we made car karaoke videos, it was a blast for about a good 7 hours straight. We got a little winded so we took a break and stopped at a roadside diner for a quick bite to eat. Thinking back to the last time we had fun like this it made me feel like we were young again, and I got aroused. My panties were so moist from being aroused by the fun we were having, I had to change them immediately. As we got out the car, he walked into the restaurant I told him to grab us a table. I went into the backseat to grab a clean pair of panties out of my bag. But they were buried so deep the quickest thing I could grab was a thong I wanted to save for one of the nights in front of the fireplace. I walked into the restaurant and went straight to the ladies room.  I changed and walked out to sit at the table. In my mind I was ready to make love to my husband right then and there. We ate, had a cup of coffee, shared a few laughs then back on road.

The closer we got to Aspen, the snow began to thicken and the colder it got. But my body temperature was boiling. The simplest thing my husband can do will just send me over the top where I couldn't take it anymore. I stared at him, and if he could've taken his eyes off the road and onto me to a split second my eyes would've told him to TAKE ME. I reclined the chair back, and placed me hand onto the inner part of my right thigh. I tried my best to calm myself down but it didn't work. I looked at his hands and envisioned them rubbing all of my body and firmly massaging my breasts. I looked at his legs and envisioned the girth of his erection grown strong inside his pants, I couldn't wait to taste it before he penetrated me. I looked at his lips and envisioned them pressed up against mine as I felt the spirit of his tongue rolling down my body. I bit the side of my bottom lip. My hips began to squirm. I slowly untied the string to my sweatpants. I quickly sat up, looked at him with so much lust and told him, "babe...pull over..."


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