Day 1: Arrival

I never thought I'd see the day that I would be moving to Hollywood. I'm just a lil lady from the Bayou of Houma, Louisiana. And just like your everyday country girl, I had dreams of being a star one day. I wanted to be the next Taylor Swift and Beyonce all in one package. If I could, I would sing and dance my little heart out in my living room all day. One day I just got tired of the everyday routine in the Bayou, I needed a change of scenery. Since I have no kids and no husband I packed my bags and decided to head West. I went to the airport and bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles. I was excited yet nervous because I've never done anything spur of the moment like this. 

When I touched down in Los Angeles, I felt the adrenaline rushing through me after I grabbed my bag and walked outside and felt the heat and sun touch my skin. I felt like Dorothy in the land of Oz. I hailed a taxi and made my way to Hollywood. I had an extensive conversation with the driver as he told me about Hollywood. He gave me some solid advice as he told me to have tough skin, get in where I fit in, and above all else, use what I have as leverage to get what I need out here. He dropped me off on Hollywood Blvd and I checked in to a small hotel. The girl at the front desk complimented me on my physique. She told me I had the body of an Amazon and if a movie company needed someone to play Wonder Woman I'd be a shoe-in. 

Later that night I went for a walk down Hollywood Blvd and suddenly this handsome guy dressed in a black suit standing outside of what seemed to be a nightclub invited me to come talk to him. So I walked up to him and introduced myself. He quickly replied and told me that I was gorgeous. I thanked him and he opened up this velvet rope and escorted me in and told me enjoy myself. He also said that whatever I decided to drink for the night he'd pay for it. So I walked in and immediately heard the loud music and the bass vibrating the walls and all the way through my body. I saw beautiful women in luxurious lingerie swinging from what it looked like thin air, people dancing and having a great time. The same guy who greeted me on the street came up behind me and whispered in my ear. He asked me if I liked what I'm seeing. And with excitement I replied yes. He told me his name was Tony and offered me a drink. After we grab our drinks from the bar we went into a quiet corner of the club. It looked like a section where all the celebrities would sit because the seats looked somewhat close to a luxurious day-bed. We began talking and laughing and after a while I felt really comfortable with him. He was amused at how humorous I was, especially when I get a few spirits in me, I can be the next Rosie O'Donnell.

He kissed me on the cheek and we stood up. He wrapped his arm around my waist placing his hand on my stomach. We danced slowly and while he stood behind me he gently kissed the back of my neck and it sent chills down my spine. At that moment I felt like I met the man of my dreams. I dipped my head back onto his shoulder as my body submitted to his seduction. I see why they call this the City of Angels because I was in Heaven. I turned around to face him and we began kissing passionately. I felt like everyone in the nightclub had disappeared and it was only Tony and I left. We plopped back down on the couch and I straddled him. He dug his head deeply into my breasts kissing and inhaling the scent of my perfume. He unbuttoned the blouse I was wearing and I loosened his belt. I felt the strength of his erection growing and growing as my thong moisten when I lifted my miniskirt. I was ready to invite him in. He gently placed me on my back and pulled my legs back and moved my thong to the side. He slowly penetrated me and to be honest I've never felt something with so much girth in my life. I began to get scared then I remembered how much he made me laugh so I began to relax again. We made love slowly, deeply and passionately for what seemed like forever. I didn't want it to end, I've never experienced an orgasm so intense like this. In my mind the room fell silent and my mind was in a trance. 

When we finished, we sat there and looked into each other's eyes in awe of each other. If this is what I have to look forward to in Hollywood, then I'm ready to grab my popcorn because this is going to be a tremendous production.

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